With only 276 hours left to the morning of 10 September, today I've started some housekeeping tasks, of sorts. You may have noticed that this blog layout has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century at last, and I've added a couple of photos of me on one of my more withered-faced days, but before losing my hair at least. Just be grateful that you're seeing the tidy efforts happening on the blog, not the corresponding efforts on my house interior space, which I fear is beyond redemption right now.

It's terrible, the tiredness and shifting priorities from anaemia and the hard work of body rebuilding during chemo, always whacked and nothing seems to matter quite the same way as it used to. Then with your last quivering muscle you put things down before you collapse, and they just stay there, for months on end, until they become invisible and you can't work out why there's nowhere to put anything down any more. At least computers have Find and a Delete key that doesn't require a wheely walker assisted trip to the garbage bin. But you know, when I look at the big picture, a whole universe and 276 more hours left to enjoy it in, all this untidy stuff doesn't really matter at all, in fact it feels rather silly to be talking about it at all.

So I was thinking, this blog should be here for a while after I've gone, and I owe it to the youngsters out there to make it less pukey for them. (Don't ask me how I know that anything less pukey is better than the full pukey, I just know lots about pukey things these days. It's my little secret, OK?) And I know people like to see a picture of someone they hear from, it's too hard otherwise, so I made some room to throw a couple up there. Oh dear, that wasn't a good choice of verb, was it.

Anyway, if the new style blog gives your computer or your eyes any grief, let me know and I'll see if it can be tweaked a bit better. The test viewers are reasonably content so far, so I think it'll just about do. You'll see that now, instead of getting everything on a single page when you come here, all you get is the most recent post in full, and over on the side is a list of all the earlier ones, with their first few words. That should make it a more pleasant visit, I think. And I'm really sick of making blog changes for now.

A couple of very capable friends have kindly allowed me to make them admins, so that if something about this hosting site changes and somebody needs to get in and make blog changes to accommodate it, then they can do that when I'm long gone. The blog might stop, but it doesn't need to die just because I do. Oh yes they're gonna let you know when, too. According to statistics I'm supposed to pop off some time around 9am on 10 September this year, not too far away now!

275 hours to go.