Good morning, good evening, welcome to my little gui scribble pad. I can't predict what you will find here, but it probably won't be much about unix.

To tell you the truth, I don't like blogs much. Not much at all. Actually, I dislike them. After twenty years of using the Internet in all its forms, I can hardly believe it has come down to this. What a formalised and power-unbalanced way to try to communicate! Not to mention the ads and spams and soapboxers...

Do you like mushrooms? Thought so. I hated them, with a passion, but most of my friends loved them. So I started tasting little pieces of mushrooms cooked in various ways. Some of them weren't too revolting, but the best of all was raw, they tasted pretty good. There wasn't the overpowering taste or the black slime, and they worked quite well in a salad or sliced on a cheese sandwich.

Then I got bolder and tried cooking them myself, with fried onions, or under piles of grated ginger and garlic. They tasted pretty good. Now I enjoy mushrooms, and could happily eat them every day. Sometimes I do.

Now every other Internet user likes blogs, it seems. All except me, and I can't figure it out. Do they not realise what else the Internet is capable of, having only arrived in the last couple of years? Is this format one of the very few options they are aware of, and the only one of them that provides for exchange of ideas? Or is there something in it, something that I can't appreciate yet, something that I might like if I took a little taste then cooked it up my own way? Could it become habit forming? Let's see.

For as long as my supply of fresh ginger lasts, I will treat this blog as a mushroom. You are welcome to join me.